Get Started On Offline Offline isn't just one big site; it's made up of lots of separate networks based around things like colleges and universities.
Anyone can sign up for Offline If you want to see the profiles of your classmates on the site, be sure to enter your school. You can search for anyone on Offline, and you can see profiles of people in all the networks, depending on their privacy settings.
Edit Your Profile Fill out your profile with your photo and education info, your interests, your favourites and more.
What do others see on your profile? Other people can see how they are connected to you based on things like what your concentration is, which halls of residence you live in, what your hometown is, mutual friends etc., depending on your privacy settings.
Add Your Courses Add the courses you are taking to generate your timetable and browse students enrolled in the same courses.
Visualize Your Social Network The social network shows your social graph. See how you, your friends, and friends of friends are connected.
Update Your Info Offline connects you to other people based on the information you enter on your profile. Update your activities, interests, favourite etc. as you are discovering new things.
Edit Info You can choose to create new info or select from the ones other users have already created. You can edit data to improve formatting or correct the spelling. All edits will be reflected across Offline and anyone can see the edit history and contribute to it.
Notifications on Your Home Page Your Home Page shows you all of your friend requests, pokes, incoming messages, upcoming birthdays, and more.
Your Account When you log in, we'll show you how many people you are connected to through courses that you are taking and through friends.
Protect Your Privacy At Offline, we believe you should have control over your information and who sees it. So in addition to the basic visibility rules, we also give you granular control over the information you post to the site.
Privacy Overview You can see an overall presentation of how much of your profile is visible to other people and you can block individuals you don't want knowing you exist on Offline.