I want to address some common questions about off---line. Users have been asking if I sell their data or if my goal is to replicate the practices of major platforms that profit from user data. It's understandable given the concerns about how these platforms have evolved over the years, becoming massive despite privacy issues.
The idea that "if the product is free, you are the product" is gaining traction, signaling a shift in people's understanding. To move forward, I need to clarify my plan for the future of off---line. Looking back at the beginnings of major platforms, they started as free services, but as they grew, they faced the challenge of generating revenue.
To shift away from data selling techniques, recently introduced subscription models have been implemented, although they often prove too expensive.
Subscribers get a verified badge that is displayed beside their name.
To address this issue, I have introduced an optional subscription fee of 33 cents per month, making it affordable for users while generating enough revenue to support off---line. With a significant user base, even a modest fee can sustain the necessary development and maintenance.
It's crucial to move away from the extremes of free services with data misuse, and expensive subscription models. This approach ensures a balance where users contribute a small amount, supporting a sustainable platform.
I think building trust is essential, as people are wary of free platforms, due to past experiences with major data-selling platforms. Clear communication about off---line's future and a straightforward business plan are key to rebuilding trust and gaining user support.
In conclusion, a transparent and affordable subscription model can pave the way for a sustainable and trustworthy platform, differentiating itself from the issues associated with current major data-selling platforms.

Erald Veliaj is the creator of off---line.

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